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Syt. Basant Kumar Birla

Let us, then, be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate!
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labour and to wait.


  • Late Bulaki Das Bhatter
  • Late Ganga Das Jhawar
  • Late Girdhar Das Kothari

'Basant' or spring is when Nature awakens from her winter slumber, the sun shines brightly without being too hot, the birds chirp, and the flora and fauna blossom in their pristine glory. Around this beautiful time of the year, Syt. Ganga Das Jhawar and Syt. Bulaki Das Bhatter planted an idea in the heart of Syt. Basant Kumar Birla, to create a platform where artists, aristocrats, connoisseurs and gentlemen could meet and converse on subjects of religion, music, dance, drama, art, culture and other allied branches.


Sangit Kala Mandir is a non-profit cultural institution in India, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all branches of Art & Culture.

Sangit Kala Mandir was registered on March 21, 1945, under the Registration of Societies Act XXI of 1860.

Sangit Kala Mandir has over the years showcased more than 2,300 cultural programmes, involving more than 7,000 artists of national and international repute, for the benefit of its distinguished members and valued guests.



Late Dr.(Smt.) Sarala Birla

Our most respected Patron, our beloved ‘Badi Maa’, Late Dr. (Smt.) Sarala Birla, had taken Sangit Kala Mandir to stupendous heights of glory with her visionary foresight and astute counsel.
In spite of her busy schedule, her love for SKM enabled her to take an active interest in all the programmes.


First Couple

Syt. & Smt. B.K.Birla

Our beloved first couple have been honored with several recognitions, including the "Longest Serving Couple In A Non-Profit Cultural Institution" by The Limca Book of Records 2010.


Executive Committee

Under the dynamic leadership of the Executive Committee, Sangit Kala Mandir surges ahead towards further horizons and distant shores of Art & Culture.


SKM Youth Committee blazes new paths in popular culture.


Artists of national and international renown consider it their honor and privilege to perform on the venerated stage of Kalamandir. Programmes are of all hues and colors including religious discourses, members' programmes, music, dance, drama, poetry, talk shows, magic shows, quiz contests, fashion shows, and more.